KROS 5 PM Newshour

Listen every weekday at 5 PM for the latest news, weather, sports and special features to keep you informed. The schedule is listed below. Times are approximate.

Time Feature
5:00 pm CBS News Radio
5:03 pm Parade of Sports with Gary Determan
5:07 pm Inside Iowa with Gary Dolphin
5:09 pm AG-PHD Farm Report
5:11 pm Farm Markets with Dennis Smith from the Chicago Board of Trade
5:15 pm WQAD Local Weather Forecast
5:18 pm Old Farmers Almanac Radio Report
5:20 pm CBS Radio, Rewind with Brandon Brooks
5:21 pm CBS Radio ET Radio Minute
5:22 pm CBS Radio, Jill on Money with Jill Schlesinger
5:23 pm Closing Stock Market Report with David Helscher from Clinton National Bank Trust Department
5:26 pm Local News and the Daily Record with Dave Vickers
5:35 pm Rastrelli Grapevine
5:40 pm Final Lap with Kerry Murphy
5:43 pm CBS Radio, Dave Ross Show
5:45 pm WQAD Local Weather Forecast
5:49 pm CBS Radio, Reporter’s Notebook
5:50 pm CBS Radio, Inside Edition with Deborah Norville
5:51 pm CBS Radio, Eye on Tech with Larry Magid
5:52 pm CBS Radio, Eye on Travel with Peter Greenberg
5:53 pm Monday CBS Radio, FYI with Jim Chenevy
5:53 pm Tuesday CBS Radio, Giant Bomb with Jeff Gershwin
5:53 pm Wednesday CBS Radio, Netpicks with Iyaz Akhtar
5:53 pm Thursday CBS Radio, Peter Ogburn
5:53 pm Friday CBS Radio, Metacritic Movie Minute with Keith Kimball
5:54 pm CBS Radio, Sound*bytes with Jan Ziff
5:55 pm CBS Radio, Your Next Job with Steven Greenberg
5:56 pm A Better Life with Sanjay Gupta
5:59 pm CBS News Radio Minute