Grid Gallop Game


Win $100 Cash

Major Sponsor

130 2nd Avenue South, Clinton
(563) 243-3823

Kelly Heating & Air Website 

Listen to the Parade of Sports Tuesdays at 5 PM for the winner!

This weeks winner was Shannon Hayton of Wheatland who played at Porter’s! She missed 3 NFL games and 1 college game.

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How to Play

Go into one our participating Sponsors listed above. Get a Grid Gallop entry and fill in your name, address, phone number and where you picked up your entry. Then make your picks by placing a check mark next to the team you predict will win. For the Iowa Game you will need to put in a predicted score to be used as the tiebreaker.


Must be 21 years old or older. Only one entry per player. Pick winner of each game listed, and the final score of the game at the bottom of the form. Include your name, address, phone number and place where you picked up the entry. Entries must be placed in the registration box at the sponsor by the end of business Thursday, or dropped off at the KROS Studio by Friday, or mailed postmarked by midnight Friday. All entries are property of KROS. Station employees and immediate family members are not eligible to win. Entry with the most games picked correctly wins. Tie breaker #1 is the closest to the final score of the game at the bottom of the entry. Tie breaker # 2 is a blind drawing.