Animal Radio Show

Since 2001, Animal Radio® has been America’s “most-listened-to” pet show. Over a 350,000 pet-lovers tune-in weekly on 130 AM-FM radio stations and XM Satellite Radio.

The celebration of our pets is hosted by veteran air-talent Hal Abrams and Judy Francis.

The Animal Radio® Family includes Veterinarian Dr. Debbie, News Director Tammy Trujillo, Groomer Joey Villani, Animal Communicator Joy Turner, Travel Reporter Susan Sims and a cast of hundreds. Frequent guest-hosts include the likes of Jenna Fischer (The Office), Glenn Close (Damages) and Cesar Millan.

Through education and awareness, together we’re helping animals live healthy, happier lives.

If you have a question about your pet call 1-866-405-8405 or click on the envelope below to send in your pet question. Listen Saturday mornings at 10 am!

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