The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas


Sunday from 12 AM – 2 AM!
Twilight Zone Radio Drama




Each week, host Stacy Keach takes you to another dimension – a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind.  Your next stop … THE TWILIGHT ZONE!

THE TWILIGHT ZONE radio dramas are BRAND NEW radio adaptations of Rod Serling’s classic stories.  Each episode features a Hollywood celebrity, supporting actors, music and ambient sound effects. The TWILIGHT ZONE radio dramas are hosted by Stacy Keach.  Hollywood celebrities include: Jason Alexander, Jim Caviezel, Jane Seymour, Blair Underwood, Lou Diamond Phillips, Luke Perry, Ed Begley, Adam West, Daniel J. Traventi, Barry Bostwick, Kate Jackson, Bruno Kirby, Chris McDonald, Adam Baldwin, Richard Kind, Tim Kazurinsky, Hal Sparks and many others. THE TWILIGHT ZONE radio dramas is a tribute to “Radio’s Golden Age,” similar in feel to the great radio dramas of the 1940s and 50s, but because it’s being produced today, using state-of-the art digital technology, the overall sound and production value are unparalleled. Listen for two drama’s back to back Sunday 12 am to 2 am.

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