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We have many sponsorships available in news, weather & sports, many daily & weekly features and a promotion of some kind almost every month all year long.

Since 1941 our main focus has been local. Again local news, weather & sports. Our programming includes national radio personalities like Rachel Ray, John Tesh, Clark Howard and Dan Patrick. We are the home of the Iowa Hawkeyes, the NFL and the Clinton River Kings & Queens. National News from CBS Radio News.  And that’s just a quick overview. KROS is known for its local news, weather & sports.

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November 2014, KROS added a location on the FM dial along with our long running 1340 AM. We are now at 105.9 FM with the same programming as on the AM at the same time. So with us you get to advertise on two radio stations for the price of one.

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KROS has been voted favorite local radio station for sixteen years in a row in the Clinton Herald Reader’s Choice Awards.