Clinton School enrollment decline continues


Enrollment in the Clinton Public Schools continued a decline this year.  The official count day was October first, but the Schools Business Manager Cindy McAleer says the numbers are still preliminary.  Those statistics show an enrollment of total students served at 3,555 students.

She said that’s a decline of about 110 total students from last year. McAleer added that appears to be the biggest one year drop in the past ten years.

McAleer says the numbers include 325 students who open enrolled ‘out’ of the district and 29 students who open enroll ‘in’ to the Clinton Schools.  She said those numbers are about the same as the last couple of years.

The decline does factor into the budget with state aid based on enrollment.  The business manager said there is a loss of about 6-thousand*100 dollars in state aid per student.

McAleer says there was some good news in the report as the enrollment in the 4-year old preschool programs connected to the school system was up by 27 to 245 students.


Enrollment in the Camanche Schools has been about stable over the past couple of years.

Superintendent Tom Parker says there are 1,103 students being served in the buildings.  He says that is down 4 from last year and the numbers have been about the same over the past few years.

Parker says there are 888 resident students who live within the Camanche District and the enrollment receives a boost with 214 students who open enroll ‘in’ to the Camanche District and 25 who open enroll ‘out.’

Parker says the vast majority of students who open enroll in to the Camanche Schools are coming from the Clinton School District.


Officials at both districts say the numbers may change slightly until the students are finalized.

The enrollments must be certified to the state this coming week.


At the Northeast school-a spokesman said they will release the figures this week when they are they are certified.