*ID released*Clinton County Jail Inmate found dead-see official statement


UPDATE – official statement on the incident with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department releasing the name and update on the incident. » Read more..

Lili-Anne Brown directs ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ at Timberlake Playhouse


Brown, who works in Chicago, enjoys coming to the summer theater at TLP – here more in this conversation with Gary Determan on the Gary In The Morning Show

39 Steps playing at the Clinton Showboat


Hear more about some of the actors you see on the stage and about the Clinton Area Showboat.  Artistic Director Mathew Teague-Miller, Assistant AD & Director of the ’39 Steps’ Lara Tenckhoff plus actors Katy Thornton and Cash Maciel are the guests with host Dave Vickers.

Download link: CAST-39 Steps

» Read more..

PAAB issues ruling on ADM property value appeal


The Archer Daniels Midland Company appealed the value of their Clinton properties and Mayor Mark Vulich says he’s considering the ruling by a state panel as a win for the city. (links to the rulings included) » Read more..

’39 Steps’ on the Showboat Stage


What did KROS Theater Reviewer think about the production at the Clinton Area Showboat Theater-listen here to find out

Clinton Mayor Mark Vulich was the guest on FYI


The Mayor discusses round a bouts, parks master plan, ADM PAAB appeal and more – if you missed the show you can listen to the entire conversation.

Download link: FYI-MAYOR VULICH-08102017

Iowa scientists’ report: ‘It’s the humidity’


Via Radio Iowa

A new report says humidity has been rising in Iowa. » Read more..